The Doodads are a high-energy, multi-generational band that covers songs from the 60’s through today. With a catalog of over 100 songs, we keep you dancing. But where did this all start?

In November of 2014, a local music store, Music Matters, where our children take music lessons, decided to start a “Rock Camp” for adults. Prior to our initial meeting, none of us knew each other. We were 5 strangers put into a room and tasked with making some music. Surprisingly, everyone got along beautifully. We all had similar tastes in music, enjoyed the same genres and enjoyed jamming with each other. The DooDads were born! After our time with “Rock Camp”, we all had so much fun that we decided to keep the band going. We’ve now been together for three, we have a catalog of close to 7000 songs, and we fricking ROCK!

Our main goal as a band is to play songs that are not traditionally played in bars. Songs that will get everyone’s attention, make them want to get up and dance, & make folks say “shit. I forgot about that song and I totally love it.”

With classics such as Del Shannon’s Runaway to 90’s one-hit wonder’s like Fastballs “The Way” to the 70’s disco anthem “I will Survive” we DooDad it up and keep the party rockin’.
The DooDads deliver high-energy shows that pack the dance floor! Read on, request a demo, or better yet, come to a live show and experience first-hand why everyone is talking about this fun, “good-timing” band! We’re the perfect band for clubs, private parties, beach bars and tiki huts! Though we all love it, our catalog is NOT monopolized by all the Southern Rock covers that seem to be the norm for this area! We’ll leave those tunes for those guys who’ve been playing them since the 70s.

The DooDads are totally committed to providing you the best, high-energy show that will keep your heart pumpin’ and your body jumpin’ on the dance floor! With 3 vocalists, tight harmonies and strong musicianship, You’ll recognize every song, from classic rock, to modern rock, to pop with an edge! You’ll dance for hours and be back for more! This band has a wealth of experience in the music industry so if you’re looking for a band to entertain a crowd, dance all night and sing along with every recognizable hit then look no further!
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