Gear Showcase – Eddie

The DooDads lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player is admittedly not the biggest gear nerd around, but does know what he likes when he sees or hears it. These days his main performance guitar is a seafoam green Fender Telecaster Thinline HH with a pearloid pickguard and a maple neck and fretboard. You won’t see another one like it very often and those humbuckers really growl when they need to. His backup is Fender Stratocaster Deluxe in Montego Black with a gold pickguard, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. It has the original single coil pickups for that familiar chimey vintage Strat sound. Although The Doodads have not yet incorporated an unplugged or acoustic element to their performances, Eddie does own a nice Martin acoustic guitar in case the occasion ever arises.

When it comes to effects and amplification, Eddie continues to explore a variety of approaches, with Line 6 gear playing predominant roles in all of them. Yes, he owns and has performed with simple classic tube amps like his Marshall DSL40C and Mesa DC-2, but he is currently performing using a hybrid system of a Line 6 modeling amp and footboard controller that also runs through the PA system. He also owns a POD HD500X modeling floorboard that he plans to use in upcoming performances, possibly even straight into the PA system without an amp a la Edge, Neal Schon, and of course, his bandmate and lead guitar player Perry. Ed’s guitar signal is delivered via the Line 6 G50 wireless¬† system for unencumbered rocktivity.

The one instrument Eddie uses the most cannot be purchased at Guitar Center. The voice of The DooDads uses a wired Shure microphone going through a TC Helicon vocal processor to give live performances that studio sound, even in the most challenging acoustic environments. In addition to singing and playing guitar, our hero has also been known wear out a tambourine, even bringing audience members into the act!