Gear Showcase – Perry

The DooDads lead guitar player, Perry, has a problem. He has been diagnosed with Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or simply GAS for short. He has used most of his collection live at one time or another but has definitely shown more love for some specific pieces. Two Stratocasters in particular have appeared consistently in his live performance loadout. One is a 3-color sunburst ’96 American Roadhouse Stratocaster with a maple neck and fingerboard. This guitar has seen more than its fair share of smokey bar rooms and has that great vintage look and feel. Originally having a pearloid pickguard and Texas Special pickups, Perry replaced them with Seymour Duncan SSL-1s for that vintage chime and changed the pickguard, knobs, and pickup covers with black for a more classic look. His other go-to guitar is a ’98 Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe in transparent blonde with a rosewood fretboard. This one is original except for the Fender Custom Shop Classic ’54 pickups. Both Strats include locking Fender tuners and Schaller strap locks.

Rarely seen on stage together, these two Strats are backed up from a stable of regularly rotating Telecasters and Gibson Les Pauls, including a fairly unusual and rare ’08 Les Paul Jr. Special DC with mini-trapezoid inlays. Also notable is the ESP Custom Shop Tele-Gib, a factory relic’d replica of the dual humbucker Telecaster that Seymour Duncan personally pieced together for Jeff Beck back in the mid ’70s. This Tele features Seymour Duncan prototype zebra humbuckers meant to approximate the hand wound custom pickups made for the original guitar. A butterscotch Fender Telecaster ’52 Hot Rod is also another favorite, with the original Seymour Duncan Mini Humbucker in the neck position. Amazingly versatile, this is one of the nicest playing and sounding modern Telecasters that does NOT come with a Custom Shop price tag.

When it comes to amps, Perry has more than a few (remember GAS). He overwhelmingly prefers Mesa Boogie, having performed many shows with his DC-2 head and cabinet, and even a few with his wood-grain finished and wicker grill DC-5 combo along with his beloved, but unfortunately plagued, VOX tube-driven Tonelab SE multi-effects boards. These days, however, Perry has left the tube beasts at home and is embracing the pinnacle of amp and effect modeling with an Axe-FX Ultra guitar preamp, modeler, and processor. Paired with and MFC-101 midi pedalboard, this rig is run directly into the PA system and can faithfully duplicate nearly any combination of amps, cabinets, effects, and room environments. In addition to these rigs as well as several more Mesas, Perry also has amps and cabinets from Marshall, Line 6, as well as a pair of Peavey Classic 50 tweed full stacks.